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At the antique shop....

Doc Henry

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Few days ago i am looking for a wardrobe

I went to the antique shop with my M8 and Lux 50 to take some pictures.

so i can appreciate at home before i buy it.


The wardrobe in this picture date from 1830 and it's an authentic "Louis Philippe"wardrobe style (1830-1848).

Sculpture is all hand made.The wood is from wild cherry tree (brown and a little rose color)

Do you like this style?

Thanks for looking

(photo without flash)

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Henri -

I agree with Carlos. I think this would be even better if the camera were on a tripod with smaller aperture to bring more into focus.

Thank you Stuart for your comment

Yes i will try next time with a tripod (but i don't know if the seller will agree)

i have not enough light and i don't bring my tripod with me that time

So i open at 1,4 or 2 (i don't remember)

This book-stand also Louis Philippe is more simple (may be a little "less" luminous)

Thank you Tenor for looking and comments

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Henry, they both look very nice for different reasons. Do you like the wardrobe? Will you like having it around in your house? That's all that matters :)



Thank you for looking and comment

I like very much old antique wardrobe but it is always expensive :)

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