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online images with right click protection

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I am sure that many on here are concerened about unauthorized use of images. I use smug mug and have the "right click protection" option to prevent copying of pictures. How can one apply the same protection when using a non-commercial website? Is there a software or must it be written into the html language? I have little experience with the later. All comments and advice welcome.

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You could use flash I suppose.


Does Smug Mug use HTML? Then any images will be in the browser cache even if they can't be downloaded with a right click, so anyone who's computer savvy will be able to get them anyway.


To be totally honest I don't think it's worthwhile to bother protecting them. Anyone really wanting an image could always get it via a screen grab even if it was in a flash file. The only way to be sure people can't copy your images is to not post them in the first place.


Some people watermark images, but for that to be effective it will disfigure the image to an extent where it becomes worthless to anyone - yourself included.

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I'll follow Steve: it is either impossible or so disfiguring it's not worthwile. Just pop a copyright notice under all your work. By the time you really sell single printed photo's ... it means people know your work and will accept the disfiguring watermark on the site photo.



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Used effectively, there is no greater way to show your work or market your name (brand) than the internet. IF that's what you're wanting to do.

I have literally 10s of thousands of images online. Albeit at low resolution. My postion has always been that once I post an image online, the toothpaste is out of the tube. That's not to say I'm going to let an online ezine run my images on a weekly basis inorder to build their traffic and suppliment their revenues... not by any stretch of the imagination. That constitutes commercial use and I will pursue the matter. But for the most part, I want the images out there and displayed. I shoot motorsports professionally, so there is the "fan" aspect that I can't possibly chase. But, so what? If it's not a commercial entity, I typically don't get too concerned. Now, am I going to allow someone to build personal gallieries full of my images? No. But, I'm going to use my head... and basically assess if the use is such that it is detracting from my website or taking food off my table, I'm going to come knocking.


I don't think your can really make much out of a 700 or 800 pixel regarding prints... so, again, I think it's much to do about nothing.


At the end of the day, posting images... having my images seen has done fantastic things for my business and my brand.


Just be smart... if you want privacy, or only want to share with specific people, put your images in galleries or sites that require a password to get access.


The internet is a powerful tool... again, provided you use it wisely and effectively. My catalogs are all online... including managed rigths use of hi-res files and turn-key print solutions. While it's not the core of my business, new customers can purchase and access my images and services without any input on my end whatsoever.


Just be smart.



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What they said.


The tack I take is to post only images that have been downsized enuf that they won't produce a high-quality or a large-sized end product.


In other words, if someone want the real thing from me they come for the hi-res version. Otherwise, they can have the thing that was there.

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Anything you put up on a website is prone to screenshots.

First error is often that people think I can't screenshot a photo that is not completely shown in my browser - generally you can, by one way or the other.


Right click protection works in flash or any other 'subclient' used to display the picture - if the browser is used in any way, you can always use the cache to get the image out of it.


After all, Will's method is the best - do not put usable photos on the web, unless you can afford them to be 'robbed' and used else.


P.S. - I just checked smugmug and the 'right click protection' is a joke. If you use Firefox, just click 'page information' / 'media' and browse through ALL the images of a smugmug page.

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There is no way to protect images posted on the Internet. Whether you use Flash or some routine... the truth is.. if you can see it, you can make a copy.


Watermarking might cause a poacher to bypass the image but then it destroys the experience of those who just want to admire/view your work.


I've found several of my images in galleries that were not mine... an email usually results in the image coming down and embarassment of the culprit being found out.

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