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R5 repair


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Hi there,


I've picked up a Leica R5. Love at first sight. The seals on the inside of the back door are "gummy" and need replacing. I have an interslice kit somewhere and could have a go, but are there other seals to replace elsewhere (e.g. anything near the mirror)? Would I be better off getting it looked at?





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Welcome to the forum!


Seals on the R5, R4 and earlier often go, and can be replaced easily if you have the right black foam


My R4 had them done by my dealer when he sold it to me, and IIRC, there's one near the hinge that needs doing, and maybe a very thin one around the door itself. The worst culprit is the film canister window.


If you are handy with a Stanley knife and have some correct self adhesive black foam, it's not a difficult job.

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I used an Interslice kit to repair my R3 and found it very easy. Use lighter fluid on cotton buds to clean off all the old gunk taking care not to let any drop into the camera.


There is the film 'window' for which you can cut pieces of foam to fit around or obtain a replacement foam part from Leica. I'm not sure about the mirror on the R5, many cameras have a foam strip at the front edge of the focussing screen to damp the mirror as it swings upwards, but my R3 doesn't as it's mechanically damped. If the R5 does have a foam strip it is again easy to remove/replace, just take care doing so.

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