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UV/IR filters for M8, also good for M6 and film?


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So far I have been using my two Leica M6 and I have not yet made the jump to the M8.

As I needed a new UV E39 filter for my Macro Elmar 90 mm, the dealer advised me to buy the new UV/IR filter (as needed for the M8) stating that it was also good for analogic camera like the M6 - that was a first step in the direction of the M8. So did I, but inside the box, there was a leaflet from leica, telling that the UV/IR filter should only be used for the M8 and was not to be used for color analog films (I would have issues in the corners of my picture). What do you think? I intend to use this UV/IR filter on lenses on my M6 and also on my M8 (when I will have bought it). Is this feasible? I hope not to have to change of filters each time I will change the lens from the M8 to M6 or opposite...


Many thanks in advance for your comments.:confused:

Best regards.


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With a 90mm I wouldn't expect there to be any problems using the filters with a film camera. 50mm or wider and I'd begin to be concerned. 35mm and wider I wouldn't use them.


Unless there's be some misunderstanding somewhere, your dealer was incorrect.

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I leave my IR/UV filters on my 35 and 50mm lenses when I shoot film...but I only shoot B&W, where I am see no significant light vignetting problems. But with color film I think it can not only create color vignetting but possibly other color problems. best...Peter

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