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Purple edges to highlights

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We all know them. C1 does it slightly less than ACR, and ACR has a moderately successful tool for them.For the rest I tend just to ignore them, or, in extreme cases, convert to B&W

I found, quite by accident, a trick to reduce them further.

I was doing a series of city shots at night, where there were quite a number of these pesky purple blooming bands around specular highlights..

I have a habit of enhancing colour in LAB mode, and did it here as well.

To my surprise converting to Lab-->Apply Image--> B channel--> soft light--> opacity 70%, removed quite a number of them and reduced the rest further. Some images needed playing about with the settings a bit (hard light, lower percentage) If needed correct colour saturation and contrast after converting back to RGB.

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I just read today that the latest release of C1 Pro Ver 4.6 has a tool or setting for eliminating purple fringing from specular hightights. It was in one of the pages towards the end of the 111 page PDF that P1 published with the release. Unfortunately, my attempt to upgrade failed so I can't test it at present.

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Just learned a trick from Kelby's book "seven point system": what you do is correct, but you can even go one step further during sharpening process. Sharpen through unsharp mask and immediately go to "edit" and click "fade unsharp mask".There choose "luminosity". This way you avoid sharpening the color channels.




ps: ain't straightforward instruction books a pleasure!

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