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D Lux 4 Cold Weather Shooting?


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I was outside a couple of days ago in -4 degrees Fahrenheit shooting with my D-Lux 4. The battierie lasted at least two hours of continous use. Only problem was that after 40-50 exposures the battery indicator showed only 1 to 2 bars and I had to put the camera in my pocket to heat it up again. After that I could continue shooting and the battery lasted very well. Here´s one of the photos I took that day:


On Black: Nordbytjernet I by .Eide

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Welcome to the Forum both Orrie and Olvindeide,


Seems like 20 is warm compared to what oivindeide went through to get his beautiful shots. The DL4 may not have enough zoom for you. Please post some pictures if you can. They would be the first sport photos I've seen using it.

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Thanks for your help guys!


I dont wanna bring my SLR, maybe ill bring my canon G9. Im probably going to be harassed being the only charger fan but we got 3rd row seats so we will be pretty close.


Here are some of my photos with my dlux4 at charger games:

01.03.09 Chargers vs Colts Wildcard Playoff Game - a set on Flickr

12.28.8 Chargers vs Broncos / AFC West Division Champions - a set on Flickr

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