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Anyone Have News On When the 21 Summilux Is Shipping?


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Let's count the products shown at Photokina:


S2 - Not available

9 S lenses - Not available

5 M lenses - Not available

New Spotting Scopes - Not available

Warmed-over M8 - available

2 rebadged Pansonics - available

Projector - who knows?


Perhaps someone should tell Leica that the whole point of all this development work is that the products make it to market.


[Perhaps my spoof conversation has an element of truth... http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-m8-forum/72434-new-upgrade-prices-9.html#post751850 ]

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If Leica really wants to tempt the PRO market with the S system or any of the other Products, then they have to realise that it actually has to be made available to be purchased ... We can't wait forever , if we need something then it has to be bought now and then and not in 6 to 12 month ...

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I tell you what. Why don't they just rush some of this stuff to market regardless...?


They said that the S and lenses would be available during 2009. 2009 is only 7 days old, by my watch, so maybe some patience is required.


The M lenses might be a couple of months delayed. No one died.

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