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Silkypix Query (Extracted from "Re: The Dreaded Comparison Thread"

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G1 and high ISO: in my experience thus far, it gets pretty ugly around 800, but as I'm using mostly fast M lenses I seldom get that high. I'm going to try b/w at 1600 sometime soon, though, just to see the effect.


Here's a NEW QUESTION -- about RAW processing -- that perhaps should be a separate thread, unless I am the only dummy on Earth with this problem:


My G1 came with a free cd for Silkypix Developer Studio 3.0. As Photoshop doesn't yet support the G1 RAW except with an odd interim patch; and Silkypix is said to cover a lot of other camera models as well as G1, I installed it. But now I can't seem to access or use the software. It shows in my list of programs, but when I call it up all I get on screen is the Silkypix logo with the message "initializing...", soon by followed by "loading resource...' -- and then nothing further, even after 5 minutes.


When I try to intervene, I get a message "Silkypix is in use by another software."

Could this mean it's being eaten alive by my Photoshop or Picasa programs? Very frustrating, because I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, both from the disk and online (a slightly later version). I've tried it with Windows firewall turned off, and turned on.


I imagine the problem must be something other than SP itself. But, has anyone else run into this??

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