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Two in color.


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As a Christmas gift to myself I get a Leica III with a Summar. The camera is getting a CLA, but I started to use the lens.


I took these thinking about the Barnack Challenge (but choose another one).


Kodak pro-image 100.






The sad statue:



The street preacher:


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I like your two pictures. They breath life.


On a technical note, they seem hazy. I have a Summar (on a model II) which shows the same effect, and I wonder if anyone here can suggest why this is, and can it be corrected. We see many pictures here done with Summars (usually in B&W) and they look very crisp (I am thinking particularly of Anthony (flatfour)). Anyone have any thoughts?

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Thanks for your kindly words, Michael!


I agree about the hazy aspect of this photos... The Summar I got is with a lot of scratches, and is a little dirty. At f 6,3 it is better, but wide open or at 4,5 I getr these results. I still don't know if is a good idea to polishing this lens... I will try to make the lens work for me in its own way. Sometimes this hazy aspect give beautiful results.


Anyway, a lot of people here in the forum is using clear and unscratched Summars. And of course the results are just marvelous.





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Hi Martin, I like the shots and the colours but your lense could use some cleaning. This looks like lots of haze or severe cleaning marks. I have a very clean Summar and the pictures I get is quite crisp, see example. Clean yours and enjoy a great lens! Good luck! :)

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