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Leitz MR-Telyt-R 500MM F/8 Lens


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Long-long ago, and on film. Not too bad for a mirror lens, but far behind normal lenses in contrast and resolution. Fixed aperture, unpleasant rendering of bokeh - harsh and doughnut shaped highlights (normal for any catadioptric system). Only recommended if size and weight are of paramount importance. It is better by a fair margin than the Minolta 800 mirror, which is the only alternative in the R system.

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I have one which I use on occasion when weight and size are considerations. The fixed aperture is not much of a problem since I try to use the highest shutter speeds possible. It comes with ND filters should more control be needed. It is not as satisfying as the 400mm Telyt-R, but a lot easier to carry around and much less obtrusive to use.

The lens was made by Minolta and is not very expensive these days - a good value.

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I just recently added this lens to my R collection. I really enjoy it and its perfect for my uses. I live in Florida and has access to a really great pier that is used by local surfers . The big advantage is .....you have it with you because its small and light. It also doesn t stand out like the Leica long glass .


In Florida is a great lens because we have strong light even early and late in the day. The lens is a f8 but transmits light like an f11. The contrast and resolution aren t up to the standard of the Telyts. With high contrast lighting and some additional sharpening it can produce results you might otherwise not get.


It produces an odd circular (donut ) bokeh if shot into bright lights ..this bothers some users.


And of course its 500mm or 700mm on a DMR..so camera handling is important. I use it with a bean bag .


I will pull a few images and post them tomorrow.

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Decades ago, a Leica presentation showed images from the mirror lens and the 560 mm glass lens. The difference was huge. The mirror lens produced images with washed out colors, less sharpness and donuts. I bought the 560. If my memory is correct, the mirror lens was made by Minolta.

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I loved the 180/4 and 500/8 for lightweight travel! On the R3 and M system mostly for 21/3.4/35/1.4/90/2.8. and later a 28/2 
I’ve used many systems and I love that lens because it was always with me and the one that’s with you is the one that gets the shots, which is the whole Barnack concept. 

yes the MR Telyt was a Minolta cooperative product like the CL. 
It’s never gone away and after the Minolta AF version, was bought by SONY. If you’ve seen what it can do with AF and IBIS you’d be quite surprised..The design is one of the best and I’d use it on an M11 if they made an AF again.  I have had to soften portraits as it shows too many pores and it rendered the Moon as sharp as any lens I’ve tried including a telescope.. 

Just don’t put in bright hi-lights that will become circles. Use low key backgrounds which turn into Van Gogh brush strokes. 
..and live with f8 which work pretty well with digital sensor speeds. 





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No. You’re right but-There are AF adapters which Sony and others make for a7’s though, that allow you to AF your manual M lenses on the a7’s. I did it with some M lenses. The 90 Elmarit is so good it looks tack sharp on AF even extended as you’ll know from an M11.  It was worth trying an a7c rangefinder shaped body to me for the AF annd AF Mirror lens alone. SO- You know It’s not too farfetched that the M mount could be made to autofocus like these adapters. I guess I’m thinking or wishing the M12 might have such an AF motorized mount and long lenses could have image stabilization.(IBIS would be too bulky in an M body.)  Anyway the mirror lens descendant of the original MR Telyt works great with the a7c. And that’s “only” 25MP. Not 60+MP. 

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