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The Pier at Sunset


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Thanks for the kind words Andreas and Stuart. The camera performs beautifully and at the end of the evening I told the Leica rep I would purchase one but changed my mind after viewing pictures taken by my sister. Every picture was terribly blurred except those on the infinity setting. She has a stigmatism that makes manual focusing at big problem. I did not want to make such an investment unless both of us could use the camera.


I opted for a D-Lux 4 and very happy with it's results. The small size suits my needs more.

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Hi Marco,


The M-8 certainly is tempting but I am quite content with the camera I use. I've always been a little nervous about changing lenses with dirt and dust problems. That's major reason I never ventured into the DSLR world and got the V-Lux.


I must agree with everyone regarding picture #2. All of these pictures were taken within minutes of each other just as the sun set. The M-8 really captured the color variation of the sky and is exactly how I saw it.

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