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I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In


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It WAS special to see the ships appear one-by-one through the fog. The earlier pictures seemed even more like black and white than these appear. The fog lifted by the time the ships were immediately in front of me thus changing the entire feel.


Glad you enjoyed them.

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Carlos -


Delightful!. I felt at least the last one deserved some post processing. I rotated the image 2 degrees to level the horizon (1 1/2 would have been better), increased highlights and shadows a bit, and sharpened a bit. Except for the rotation, that may be overkill, reducing the magic and mystery.

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That is much improved and appreciated Stuart. I must admit I rarely do more than crop. I very recently got Aperture and need to start learning the finer details it offers. The fog was just lifting for that shot. It really gave a feeling of stepping back in time seeing the ships start to appear.


Here is one of the first sightings through the fog and 2 after it lifted.

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