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Working for a Living

Skippy Sanchez

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Thanks for the compliments, Kirk. My website is a mess right now where no one should waste their time.... it's embarrassing.


A question for y'all: Is it kosher to link to slide shows here? This is the second one I've submitted, but I don't want to risk harassment or ridicule. I get enough of that at work.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

btw, what plugin enable your wordpress to do such a cool slide?


No plugin used here. I used sound slides (Soundslides: Software for Storytellers) to build the slide show with audio, although there is probably other software out there.


my website began as a wordpress-based, but that will change shortly.

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Great slideshow! Just like the 'Women are beautiful' series, I love the diversity you showed here. For pictures like this, I do not mind clicking on a link to an external site.




I certainly agree with Karen :)


All the best



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Skippy -


These are superb (I like them even better than the "Women..." set), individually and as a whole, and they deserve to be seen by far more people. In the future I encourage you to post some directly here with the link to the entire show. Some Forum members need the lure of fine photos before clicking through.


BTW: For people with small monitors (mine is just 17") some will never get beyond the title page since the controls are off screen at the bottom.

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