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thank you amado. yes, noctilux is my favorite lens. i only wish it was lighter. my neck kinda hurts if i have to carry it for a day.


Nice set of photo's, mixing in with the crowd! Seems you got this noct' to work in your favor. Nice focusing.



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yes, it was i believe it took place in early 2008. these college kids just gathered in union sq. in nyc and they threw pillows at each other according to someone told me, for a few days. as you can see, some pillows bursted and feathers are all floating around... how did you know that? recently i learned from news that some young people organized similar event thru facebook. i am not sure what culture is this from though.




Great series, I too vote for number 3. great balance in that shot.


Say is that from Pillow Fight day.?

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