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Maximum flash voltage for M8


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I have seen voltage limits of from 6v to 12v posted here. You should be very careful with the Vivitar 283, as you can see at this link:


Photo Strobe Trigger Voltages


I have some 283's and when I use them, I always use a Wein HSHS device between them and the M8. These, or the Wain Safesync, can be had for lest than $100 and will keep you from causing your M8 to become fried eggs.


In fact, I use the HSHS for ALL devices except for my Metz flash.

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I have used old Philips, Minolta and Braun Flashes with high voltage terminals with no ill effects. The Philips has about 250V, the Minolta 192V, the Braun about 20V or less.


See table here: Photo Strobe Trigger Voltages Edit: Bill you beat me to it!

The Vivitar voltages appear to be OK except for one mention of 600V :eek:


Probably worth measuring before trying.


Anyway, the flash transistor in the M8 looks like it is 'heavy duty' based on Mark Nortons dissection.


The S621 SCR seems to be rated at 600V, see here.

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Judging by the "Strobe Trigger Voltages" report, my Canon 550EX is rated at 6 volts and is therefore safe to use with the M8.


I've held off using it on my M8 on the word of someone who told me that I should not use this flash with the M8 as the voltage is too high. It looks like that was completely wrong. I'll give it a go. Any contrary opinions re using this flash with the M8?



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