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Post Process from Capture One 4 Pro to Photoshop CS3 lacks sharpness and contrast??!?


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Hi there,


I'm hoping you're able to shed some light. I've been using Capture One 4 Pro to post process, and then opening in PHotoshop CS3 to print. I've noticed the images differ mainly in sharpness and contrast when opened in Photoshop CS3 as compared to that viewed in Capture. I've checked Capture to ensure that Sharpening hasn't been 'disabled' in the post process. I've got an Eizo CG241W monitor which I've just calibrated. Help please.... :confused: Thank you.

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There is a setting to turn off all sharpening when Exporting/Processing the image to Tiff.

Could be you have that option/setting checked????


Hi there Shootist,

I'm assuming you're referring to the process recipe / process tabs? I do have the sharpening open unchecked. I'm going to have another play tonight but have a sneaking suspicion it could due to colour profiles used in CS3 versus Capture although I'm pretty sure I'd checked that too?@#%@^. I will update.

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Check your "color settings" under edit in Photoshop, make sure in Color Management Policies you have selected "Preserve Embedded Profile" this way it doesn't covert your file to a different profile ( if it's a diiferent one is your working profile).

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