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A church that started a revolution


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This is the interior or the Nikolaikirche or Saint Nicholas church in Leipzig. The Monday-demonstrations started here in 1989, which eventually lead to free elections in the GDR and the loss of power of the SED.


The church itself was founded in 1165 and saw several major reconstructions since then. The interior shown goes back to the reconstruction between 1784 and 1797. I'm especially fond of the often overlooked cupola right above the entrance (third picture). Well, technically it is 'underlooked' rather, if there were such a word ;).


Johann Sebastian Bach was responsible for the music in the Nikolaikirche as well, when he took over his position as choirmaster of the Thomasschule or Saint Thomas-school in Leipzig.


Please find the link to the english web site of the church below, in case you are interested in more details.

Nikolaikirche Leipzig - Englisch


BW400CN and Pre-asph Summilux 35.


Thank you for looking



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Thanks for sharing these fine images and the story to go with them.


I've never been fortunate enough to have the chance of a Lepzig trip, but now I know of one site worthy of a visit...


All the best



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Thank you, Marie-Louise, Pete and Stuart.


I'm still struggling with post-processing of scanned film. I'm quite fond of Capture One for the DNGs, but haven't found a comparable program yet for scanned jpegs from a Fuji Frontier. Looks like a case for getting my own film scanner and taking a close look on Vuescan or Silverfast.

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I think J. S. Bach was choirmaster of all four main (Lutheran) churches in Leipzig and the music teacher of the Thomas School. If I remember correctly what I read, he preferred the organ of Saint Thomas or the Thomaskirche, but this organ doesn't exist any more.


Interestingly, the first choice of the parish back then was Telemann, who was choirmaster of the main churches in Hamburg. After Hamburg increased Telemann's salary, he stayed and Bach got assigned in Leipzig.

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