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Leica x Isetan Special Edition M8.2


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Advertisement (gone after registration)

thought this would be of interest...


"High-end German camera company Leica will be teaming up with Japanese department store Isetan for their version of the Leica M8.2 digital rangefinder camera. This limited-release camera should have any diehard camera enthusiast or photographer excited with the exclusive black and red case design. Beware to expect to pay a hefty price for this special camera. No word yet on availability but expect these to drop soon exclusively at select Leica and Isetan stores."






what's next?

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Please know that I don't have any inside information but after seeing all this special editions coming up (black with silver controls, top plate engraving, multiple cover colors, etc...) I get the impression that Leica will be expanding the a-la-carte program in the near future to include the M8.2.



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It's a complete contadiction of the great trouble that Leica went to to keep the classic and simple lines on their basic model. And that orange sticker on the front screams at the red leather. So would I. :D

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While the color scheme is not to my personal liking, if it is profitable to Leica I support the decision wholeheartedly. Despite problems I have encountered with the M8, my self interest dictates a desire for Leica to be fiscally sound. Also, red is a much more fortuitous and desirable color in East Asia than in the West. ron:)

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..... my self interest dictates a desire for Leica to be fiscally sound......


Would that be the same 'fiscally sound' as when Leica were in bed with those ludicrous, Parisian, bespoke-handbag makers? If so, my recollection is different. With Leica's past record, flirtations with Fashionistas is not a good sign, though easier than much needed revitalisation of some of their designs no doubt. Maybe I've jumped the gun and the limited edition reddie will be cheaper than the non-red M8.2? If not; it should be.


................ Chris

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