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What lenses are most similar to my 35mm Summicron v.4

Woody Campbell

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I've grown more and more attached to my pre-asp 35mm Summicron v. 4. Which legacy lenses have this type of signature (relatively low contrast wide open, increasing as you stop down; no linear distortion; Leica glow; terrific brokeh). Among the 50 mm 'crons? The 28s? The 21s?



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Not sure what to mean by 'glow' exactly but those lenses of mine match well my 35/2 IV:


Summilux-M 35/1.4, latest pre-asph (code # 11870)

Summicron-C 40/2.0 (code # 11542)

Summilux-M 50/1.4, latest pre-asph (code # 11868)

Summicron-M 50/2.0, with tab (code # 11819)

Elmarit 90/2.8, with detachable 'head' (code # 11129)

Elmarit-M 135/2.8, with goggles (code # 11829)


As far as wides, i would think of the pre-asph 21/2.8 (code # 11134) and 28/2.8 (code # 11804) but i don't use them any more so better ask current owners.

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I also love the rendition of the latest version of the Elmar 50/2.8 collapsible and use it a fair bit in conjunction with a V4 35/2. I'm not saying the rendering is the same but they are both wonderfully compact, lightweight, ergonomic lenses and the Elmar does have a distinctive signature and beautifully warm colour rendition. Cheers --

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Woody: Let me refer you to my post from last year on "The Mandler lenses" - These are all lenses designed contemporaneously with your v.4 35 'cron by the same Canadian design team, and in general match the signature you describe.




Some lenses mentioned above are clearly also in this signature group, although I didn't list them because I don't own or use them (50 f/1.4 pre-ASPH, 75 f/1.4, 135 f/2.8). I'm looking around (casually) for a 50 f/1.4 pre-ASPH myself.

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