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A simple Lumix G1 with M lens Question

patrick parker

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I understand the G1 has a live view screen which should work like any other live view digital camera. It would be adjusting the brightness using the smallest aperture the lens provides. When the shutter is pressed then the lens would close down to the the preferred aperture.


When using a M lens with this camera if i had my lens set at let's say aperture 11 how will this effect the live view image?

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Though I haven't tried this myself by now, I guess it will become noisier and maybe also darker than at full aperture. (Therefore you should set the focus before stopping down the aperture to 11).


But this will only affect the viewfinder, not the picture you actually take. As long as you don't change the ISO setting, the camera will compensate the smaller aperture by switching to a longer exposure time. So brightness and noise won't change.


Did you notice, that this is the german section of L-camera-forum? You'll probably get more answers if you post your query in the international section. But of course you're always welcome here anyway.

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