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Women are Beautiful

Skippy Sanchez

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First off, SkippySanchez.com isn't really up and running, so don't waste your time there. sorry.


Secondly, I forgot to caption the images with locations, so in a nutshel land in no particular order, the pics were taken in:


Mexico City

Puebla, Mexico

Taxco, Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wichita, Kansas (where I live)

Tlapaquepaque, Mexico

Kansas City, Mo.

Albuquereque, New Mexico

Puebla, Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico

Puerto de Cortez, Honduras

La Ciebita, Honduras

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

San Miguel de Allenda, Mexico

Cocula, Mexico

Cholula, Mexico

(perhaps others that' I'm forgetting)

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