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How low can one get ?


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Many thanks Stuart, Ivan, Marco and Ruben. You're comments are particularly welcome on this one.


In my new quest to secure images of my local city, I'm reaching into subjects that I would previously pass by without notice, or expending effort. My approach is now to capture anything that causes me to look a second time, trusting my first impression more than previously. I'm finding this to be challenging as sometimes the subjects don't appear worthy of expending a digital frame, but when I do press the shutter the effort seems to be re-paid.


This is one example where the lowliest of subjects caught my attention and I opened it in PS to see what I could make of it. The bright metal sprang to life on my screen and I'm pleased with the end result. Not a lead image, but will play a great support role in the set.


Stuart, this may well be a hinged cover for a heating oil pipe, rather than dirty stuff.


Again, may thanks all for your input.


Rolo :)

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All in all it's rather a good idea: looking at the less obvious things in your own town. It fits the idea that you should come back often in order to shoot the perfect photo. Right around the corner is a logical choice. Nad once you spot them, there are many photo opportunities, I guess.



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