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D-Lux4 sharpness

Giorgio Nucci

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This is another great example of the high quality this camera can achieve. There is a photo section in this forum to share pictures. I've have some in the "People" and "Other" sections. It's a fun area to see what people are doing in addition to some fabulously talented photographers sharing their work.


Have you tried the various dynamic modes yet? There is a great deal of flexibility with using them. I find myself taking the same shot in all different modes just to test them out.

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I´m absolutely fascinated about the capabilities of this camera, here my example:


Dome of the Old National Gallery in Berlin, Germany, Dec 27th 2008.


D-Lux4, 24 mm, 1/13 sec, f 2.2, ISO 100.


Greetings Thomas.

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Another DLux-4 user and over the last few weeks I find that I have gone out with the DL4 deliberately leaving the Mamiya ZD or Canon 1DS2 behind just so I concentrate on what this camera can do......and every time I surprise myself with how well the camera copes with a range of lighting scenarios, how much detail it captures and how well the images hold up to PP.


This morning I only took this camera out and went on a short journey knowing that with clear skies the pre dawn light would be interesting......and the images captured were excellent, holding the subtle pre dawn colours, capturing fine detail in low light and giving the DSLR mob something to giggle about as I moved around, P&S on tripod, until I showed them some of the output.......think one or two might have headed off to their local dealer :D


btw.....Thomas......please repost the dome image in the photo section as this is an extremely beautiful picture that others I am sure would enjoy the pleasure of seeing and commenting on.

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