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How do I reduce file size

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I use a 2-step process, saving my images in PS (or C1) as TIFF files. Then, using ACDSee (free with the M8) to view the file, I rt-clk in the image and select Tools > Resize and choose 960 as the pixel count along the larger dimension and clk Done.


Then rt-clk in the image again and save as xxxx.jpg.


Now check to make sure that the image is no bigger then 244 KB and you can upload it. If the image is too big, go back to the original TIFF and Resize with a smaller pixel count on the longer dimension.


It's a lot faster than it sounds.

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Related to this topic, why does this forum require such small file sizes for uploading photographs. I belong to a few other cloud source sites and this one requires the smallest file sizes of them all. It is really frustrating that one must reduce the file to below 200kb in size. This is a site that is centered around photography and yet it requires the smallest files of any Forum I am aware of. My question is "why must the file be so small in size?"

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I am well aware that this is an old post and the file size allowed has been doubled but you have still not answered my question. Why is the file size so limited on this site? I have never had so many problems posting a photo as on this photo centered site. I do not understand the limitation on file size, especially on a site that is about photography.


Related to this it looks like I must upgrade my status so I can upload larger files. How do I do this? I realize that I could use photoshop to decrease my file size but I really react negatively to having to modify my pictures in order for others to see my pictures. I wish to be more involved with the Leica community but find it frustrating when I keep receiving the message...."your file exceeds that which is allowed." This is especially frustrating when I have never had this problem with other sites where I often upload 10 pictures in one ply to a question. I have always believed that a picture is worth 1000 words..Then why are you limiting ones ability to upload pictures?

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The usual reply to your question is that there are some influential users of the forum with tiny internet bandwidth and they get furious while waiting for pages to download. I have a Lightroom export profile to take care of producing jpgs of the right size; it's not a problem.


ETA: to enable use of the largest files on the forum see the "Premium Membership" tab at the top of the page.

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