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Hi. I bought the 21mm Biogon F:/4.5 about a year ago. The one I bought was the M8 "ready" version. I coded it with a dremel tool and paint; it has worked flawlessly ever since. This, of course, will not be a problem with a film camera.

While the aperture is not too wide, on a practical level it is seldom a problem and is compensated for by minimal size and weight (a true wide angle lens) of the lens. Ignoring perspective, when I have multiple photos to choose from, the Biogon is disproportionately chosen most often - it is a great sharp, distortion free lens. My most used gadget bag is smaller than many (most?) women's purses; it contains a Leica, normal and 90mm lenses along with the small Biogon. These three lenses cope with almost any situation.

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