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CV 12mm in Boston, MA?


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Hi there,




Could someone help a britt that is passing some holidays in the states ? I would love to buy a CV 12mm 5.6 in Silver, in Boston, MA.




Wouldnt even mind buying it used, but dont know any stores and where to look ( hard to look specifically for CV ).




Any help would be great appreciated !





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I think you'll be lucky to find one. The first place I'd call (or email) is EP Levine's near the drydocks. Telephone nr. is 617-951-1499, email is info@ eplevine.com. Levine's are only open business hours during Mon-Fri, they are not open on Saturdays. They are the best camera shop in Boston. You might also try Newtonville Camera, telephone nr. is 617-965-1240, no email address. To be honest I doubt you'll find one in either place.


Another alternative is to buy the lens out-of-state and have it shipped to your address in Massachusetts. Stephen Gandy, the owner of Cameraquest, the importer of CV equipment will probably do this for you, and you can pay him by PayPal too. You will also avoid paying Massachusetts sales tax (5%) if you buy out-of-state. Gandy is currently selling the lens at US $639 and he is a very prompt shipper. His telephone nr. is 818-879-1968 and you can email him at cameraquest@earthlink.net.


Good luck!

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I've never seen one in Levine's or Newtonville, though they did have a used cv lens on the shelf the last time I was there. I doubt it was the 12, but you could call them. I agree with Peter–I would order it from Stephen Gandy, and ask him to ship overnight, and you'll have it on Saturday.

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