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40mm Zeiss on Digilux 3?

Clive Murray-White

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I've been using quite few M42 lenses on my Digilux 3 (M42 to four Thirds adapter), with what I think are fantastic results, a relative gave me an old Praktica with a 40mm thread Carl Ziess Tessar T lens on it.


My assumption is that this lens will work on the Dig 3 as long as I can find (make) a M40 to M42 ring.


Or have I got all wrong?


All the best Clive

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Sources such as Camera Mounts Sorted by Register suggest that the Praktiflex M40 mount has a register of 45.50 mm, against 45.46mm for the M42 mount.


The 0.04mm probably won't be significant except at full aperture, given the depth of field of a 40mm lens on the 4-3rds camera, so a zero-thickness adapter should work.


This would be a short sleeve with a 42mm thread outside and 40mm thread inside: not the simplest thing in the world to make but any good machinist could do it. You'd also need slots front and back so you could use some sort of tool to unscrew it from lens or body ... or maybe just use a drop of Loctite to fix it to the thread on the lens.

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