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A Visit to the Auto Show


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I paid my respects to the dying breeds of American autodom yesterday by visiting the Indy Auto Show with my nephew in tow. Predictably, there was a sullen mood about the event just days after GM and Chrysler went on the dole from Uncle Sam. Here's a few pics of the cars; sadly, the humans were pretty glum about posing this year.


MP28mmf2ASPH Kodak400UC



The Hyundai Genesis, a surprisly attractive car in the flesh: Think About It




An idea whose time came and went before it arrived: the new Camaro




All I can think of in review of the new Merc is to expand its name to GL-eeeK!! What were they thinking in Stuttgart?




Club Man: catchy name




GM's last gasp? The omnipresent Malibu (at least in my neighborhood there are a lot of them these days), this one 'The Hybrid'



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And now.....


(drumroll, please)


...my self-appointed 'Best of Show' Award goes to the...



VW Passat CC


Beautiful car to behold, I'd be very pleased to put one of these in parc ferme chez Brewer




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Interesting set Allan. Most interesting is the last one: in Europe VW are in the process of phasing out the ugly "horse-collar" grilles on the front. The Passat and Golf (Rabbit?) are now quite good looking, unlike (imho) the Passat you show. Audi are going the same way here too. That Merc is really not going to sell if they unleash it in Europe.

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Hi Pete


Interesting news, I did not know that


There was an article recently in one of the science journals that people are attracted to cars with 'masculine' attributes: brawny wheel overhangs, squared-off and bulky quarter panels front and rear, etc


The current U.S. models from VW and Audi both play to that kind of design extensively; the new one you've shown, not so much


Perhaps the makers feel they've pushed the envelope too much?

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Guest flatfour

The industry is in tumoil as you suggest. I read that Ford Europe is still ok and of course Ford in the US is the only US company not yet taking money from the US Treasury. GM surely has had it. Funding your finance house to sell your cars beggars belief. Do you think GM will last the year ? Ford's market share is rising as GM buyers drop out, but even then Ford's US sales are down. What a picture. Bye Bye Chrysler.

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