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Leicaflex help please!

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Hi everyone -

I have a Leicaflex (Leitz Wetzlar), but I don't have the battery required (Mallory PX 625). I don't know much about film photography, so I was wondering if the battery was completely necessary. Will the camera still take photos, without the battery? I can live without flash and that type of stuff..


And if the camera is completely useless without a battery, does anyone know where I can buy a Mallory PX 625? Preferably somewhere that can be shipped to the U.S.


thanks (:

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The camera will work perfectly well with no battery, which is needed only for the exposure meter, and you can always use a separate meter. The flash sync is independent of the battery. You can get mercury-free replacements for the original battery. For example you can use the zinc-air wein cells:


WeinCell Batteries


And there are various other ways of using available batteries.


Good luck with it!

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I expect this has been flogged to death elsewhere on these forums but look at Nikon F meter batteries

He sells a battery and handmade brass spacer so that you can use the cheapo hearing aid batteries. As he says - and I can confine - they are very near the specication of the original batteries.


I use them in my Leica CL, elderly Canons and Prakticas and have no problems with them.


BTW, I have often wondered if the spacer used on the Wein cells could be re-used (if split and adjusted slightly) with the hearing aid batteries; has any one tried it?


Regards, David

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