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I have just realised that I have a number of pictures of the building, neighbours and surroundings where I work. Here they are and thanks for looking. For those who like a bit more context the building is a multi-occupied block of studio/offices in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham (UK) and the photos are:


#1: Naomi, my next door neighbour, a jewellery designer/maker.


#2: A rather dusty scan. These are bell ringers just finishing a session in a beautiful eighteenth century church just around the corner. When the bells are at rest the ropes are hung as you see them here.


#3: Some colleagues of mine on the floor below provide childcare services, mainly for non-profit organisations -- as here.


#4: Again, just round the corner -- inside the lovely little Pen Trade Heritage Museum. The Jewellery Quarter once exported pen nibs and fittings throughout the British Empire -- it's reckoned that at one time 75% of everything written in the world was written with a pen made in Birmingham.


#5: Folks on the floor below -- members of a baroque choir & ensemble. In the office they look just like office workers!


#6: My neighbours on the other side are involved in setting up sports-based projects, such as a five-a-side football league for refugees, as here.


I'm sure I must have more so maybe I'll add another thread to this at some point.

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