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Who left the light on ?


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Ivan, Sam, Ben, Lothar, Martin, Pete, Stuart, Peter, Jarle - many thanks for your comments. Appreciated as always.


Ben, well spotted. I'm trying to secure images from my more immediate surrounds. This is the consequences of mentoring a well-loved Shakespearean character and also to develop my 'street shooting' with my M's. Where best to do it than a few miles up the road in our city.


Pete, I too like these micro-shots of our fair city, it's more demanding than shooting castles and celebrities and maybe less glamorous for the LUF pages, but it's fun and good for the eye. :-)


Might take a while to build up a momentum, but the company and coffee is good. :D





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This is excellent Rolo. Love the colours, you must sell me those actions some time <grin>.


Still using the M8 I see.


Steve, thanks for your comments. The only Actions used were for the vignette and the 900 pix black border. Rest was hand done in Photoshop.


The M8 is proving to be a fine tool for this street work, but I'm looking forward to putting some films through those state of the art rangefinder lever-wind M's. It's as much the process as the results.



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Hi Rolo,


Well spotted and an excellent capture. The image has such a surreal feel to it, that it almost looks like an Airbrush Painting. It reminds me of some of the posters you see in these retro coffee shops. Brilliant, thanks for sharing.



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