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Several improvements we can expect in sensors


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Very interesting! Two of them particularly interest me:


1. The Deep Well Insulating Sensors, which add another pixel well below each photodiode. It looks like this would be at the expense of image write times because there is another stage, which logically it would seem will add delay to the write process.


2. Graded index optics. These have been used for decades in the optical fibre communications industry in multimode fibres (but have been superseded largely owing to the difficulty and expense of maintaining consistency in production processes and newer technologies). It sounds like GRIN optics would improve flatness of field particularly and other optical aberrations, although the intricacies of producing lenses with sufficiently smooth and accurate index gradations appears to me to be exceptionally difficult because (I expect that) the refractive index 'delta' is achieved through doping of the glass with different elements such as Gallium. If so, production costs will be initially very high in order to produce output of suitable quality but it promises to be a huge step forward if (when?) they manage it. :)



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