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Memory Card for M8 (2.002)


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You're right, it doesn't make much difference what you get.


My experience has been that highly respected brands like SanDisk and Lexar are no better and no worse than other lesser brands. (Ed says above that many trouble reports on the Forum have been with SanDisk cards, but remember that SanDisk is probably the most counterfeited brand simply because it's among the best-known.)


The main thing is to buy from a reputable dealer. At memory prices these days, there's really no need to "shop cheap" (like eBay).


Remember, the M8(.2) doesn't write faster to cards faster than SanDisk Ultra II according to Bill Parsons, who has done a lot of experimenting on the topic. (See for example http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-m8-forum/73561-sandisk-extreme-iv-cards.html#post764219 and the thread that contains it to get an idea of the current situation.)


The other question is "how big?" Bigger cards give you more time between changing them but also mean that a lost or damaged card entails more lost images.


Cards are getting bigger and faster. The slowest ones are disappearing from the market and previously high-priced cards drop quickly in price. Whatever you buy will soon drop in price and soon after that be replaced by a faster version.

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Net Dog,

I've have no problems with my SanDisk III extreme (8 gb sdhc). However, last night my 8.2 decided she did not like Lexar (8 gb sdhc) anymore, error message SD card full, no way to clear it, so I returned the card to my local shop for review and replacement.


Like Howard said, deal with a reputable shop and if you have issues they will support you.




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