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Rose in winter

Doc Henry

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What a nice picture !!


I have less than 1 year experience with Range Finder system and was thinking Macro was impossible with my M8, your picture is a revelation for me. I do not have the 90 mm but I will try with my 75, any useful information about the picture (is it a crop ? what opening did you use ? at what distance did you work...).


Have also a nice year (I suppose you will drink Champagne...)

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Ivan, Aperture2, Martin, Stuart, Vdb and Peter

Thank you for looking and for your comments....

and thank you for your kind remarks...


Reason of my absence : Yes i have very bad news in my family and it's so hard for my mind....



It's not a crop.

The photo comes directly from the camera (in DNG).

Normally,I make macro with a R4S or recently with a R8 but that's the first time i do it with a M8 (I bought it few weeks ago)

Macro 90mm Elmar is a wonderful lens and i am surprised by the quality of this lens

For the photo,i just convert Tiff to Jpeg to post here and i don't make any "after treatment" with Photoshop.


an other one for the rose color

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