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Back from Solms and M8 in trouble

Tim B

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I got my M8 back from major repair in Solms a few weeks ago. All is not well.


M8 (2yrs old) and since repair Firmware 2.000. SD cards - Sandisk Extreme III 2Gb.


The rangefinder misalignment it came back with was soon sorted out at Leica UK Milton Keynes, but the more difficult problem remains. This is manifested as follows:


Usually this is what happens - switch on, focus, compose and fire. "Err" appears in viewfinder and "Attention Shutter Fault" appears on LCD. Switch off, switch on and next time all works well and continues to do so until the camera is switched off again.


This does not happen all the time, but has become more frequent. There doesn't seem to be a fault with the shutter, because when it works it seems to work fine. I have a suspicion that it may have something to do with the SD card sometimes not making proper contact and flipping the card in and out a few times seems to help, but this could be my imagination, co-incidence etc.


This problem has developed only since the trip to Solms. Firmware?


Could there be an intermittent electrical fault, although I think that the repair work involved replacement of more or less all major electronic components?


Here is another odd thing. Last couple of days have been quite cold here around -2C and my camera lives in a place that is less well heated. (But we aren't talking about really cold.) As the camera has warmed up during the day, and used more, the problem seems to have disappeared. Maybe contraction and expansion of the internal structure is making a difference, but it must be very marginal. I'll see what happens tomorrow, but I suspect that it will have to go back.


It is really disappointing that having spent two months in Germany it has returned with faults it didn't have before. Having enjoyed this camera for two years without the problems so many others have had, I am sad that my confidence in it is declining.


Any suggestions anyone?



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