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Luthier and his guitar


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David Reid is a world-class luthier and someone who occasionally brings around his guitars to show me. This one has just featured in this month's Guitarist magazine. It takes David almost 400 hours to finish a single instrument. Each one is unique and they feature (not shown) a vault back which is based on the Oud.


M8 cv50/1.5 and 28/2.8 asph





28/2.8 asph



28/2.8 asph


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Thanks for all the comments. I was quite surprised at what a good portrait lens the little elmarit 28 asph makes. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the back but you can see more of David's work at David Antony Reid Luthier The way he assembles the interior of the guitar is quite astounding in terms of detail. It takes him four days just to create the struts for the soundboard.



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