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Little Black Dress


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Mark, you know how much I like Pam. Love the head's on & return gaze. I'm not sure if it's the super sharpness of the lens or how you did the processing, but the contrast is too high and the gradient too steep. I miss all the gentleness in your earlier frames. The cool shadows, graceful lines & delicate features that so compliment Pam's sturdy beauty and the upright way she holds herself. But still, she carries the Day.

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Mark, I second Ben, sorry but maybe this one is not for Pam.


Yikes! I know I'm in trouble now! :-) Two thumbs down from you two AND Pam doesn't like the image . . . "Did you post THAT image?"


You guys are right: the contrast is high and I should have worked more on P-P. The problem I was dealing with was really poor lighting in this venue. The lights were "can lights" in the ceiling or tungsten spots -- all of them highly directional. So I positioned Pam under a can light and tried to get the light to "spill evenly" over her . . . but it's still too harsh. And Tri-X/HC-110 is a different combo than T-Max with a different range.


I've got a couple of more from the same venue that I'll post . . . but then they may not make the "Ben cut." :-)


As always, your candid feedback is appreciated . . .

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Potentially another lovely subject & shot.


I don't think it's the lens. How are you diluting & using the HC-110? Because of the light, the darker areas look underexposed, but the highlights look overdeveloped. If the developer is diluted enough for TX & the agitation is gentle, then it should function as a compensating developer & the highlights shouldn't come up as high as they do along the neckline.


Hope this helps you get off the hook!



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