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Problems with SanDisk Extreme III SD Cards


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I just purchased alot of 8Gb San Disk Extreme III SD memory cards for my M8 and Dlux3/4 cams.

1) in the D-Lux 2 they can not be formated it says that we inserted the wrong card

2)Afrter formated in the M8 they are not read through the card reader in any computer.


I thought these were the recommeded cards. Any reason why this might be happening???

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Hi Did you buy them from a reputable dealer?

they may be counterfeit


You can check with Sandisk

SanDisk | Consumer Products Landing


the cards should have a batch # on them.

I had some problems with cards I bought, ... which I "thought" were made by Sandisk, perfect packaging .... but they were counterfeit.

SanDisk confirmed they were fake.


sorry for my "worst case scenario" ..

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Your 8GB cards will be SDHC so you'll need an SDHC card reader (iirc many Sandisk Extreme III SDHC cards have a SDHC card reader packaged with them).


From memory, the D-Lux2 won't recognise cards larger than 2GB and not SDHC cards.



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