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24/21 1.4


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Yes, I think it has to do with the 24mm cut-off of the M8 viewfinder, nothing more needed for the 24mm. For the 21mm, there are a variety of options - the Frankenfinder set to 28mm, the previous circular zooming finder also set to 28mm (no thanks), the new 21mm finder which provides a cropped frameline for M8 use or a 28mm finder intended for film use.


It's been said the two lenses were designed in parallel and they do look similar, especially behind the diaphragm; they may well share parts, even lens elements so that the cost of producing the two might not have been substantial. Interesting too that the 24 is the same price as the 21 even though the 21 has turned out to be bigger and heavier with a second aspherical element. An indication perhaps of the lenses being priced based on what the market will bear not on what they cost to produce.


Jaap's correct though; impressive as the 21 will be on an M8, it will really come into its own on a FF camera which is why I disagree with Dr Kaufmann when he says in the latest LFI issue that (I paraphrase) "the 1.33 crop factor is the ideal choice". I suppose it is the ideal choice if the options are 1.33 or nothing, but a FF camera to take full advantage of the imaging circle produced by the lenses is close to the top of my wish-list for a new M camera.

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You are not going to find memory in a M7, it's all in your head. LOL


Just kidding, I'm really looking forward to seeing some pictures from one of you guys. I'm not hot on a M especially with a super wide angle but it's always interesting to see what an exotic lens can do in capable hands. :)



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can you post some of those image?


Sadly not Jesse. They were taken by Ivor Cooper of Red Dot Cameras when he had a (the?) working prototype for a few days. There's no sign of any of them on his website yet. I saw them in the shop at the w/e.


All were taken at maximum aperture and ISO 320 (very slow shutter speeds!). The light sucking power of the lens is immense however. A new classic I think. It's about the size of the Noctilux, or so I believe.

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Indeed, but I had trouble finding where to insert the memory card on an M7 the last time I looked.


You need one of those funny looking cylindrical types. Sometimes they are yellow, with green lettering. Goes in that chamber, behind the baseplate.


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