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Noctilux Uncrewed


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Can anyone enlighten me here...


I have a Noctilux(latest 1.0 copy) that CAN be unscrewed if I turn the lens while holding the pull out shade. Not unscrewed from the camera, mind you, but unscrewed just above the aperture ring. I assume it can be completely unscrewed into 2 parts if I wanted to(I don't).


I'm wondering if I need to have this serviced????




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Guest maddoc2003jp

The front part of my Noctilux (E60, version with detachable hood) came loose when removing the hood (I had tightened the hood with tape because the locking springs were missing) and had sent it to Leica for repair. After receiving the lens back I noticed that focus to infinity became more and more difficult and finally impossible. Sent it back to Leica for check and they found that one glass element inside the front group had become loose ...

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