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Vamizi Children


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Mike, they seems not to be very happy. Some troubles there?

A great lens you use. I like its creamy tones.


Martin- This was after a cyclone had hit the island so these kids were rather traumatised. I should have explained this in my intro.


The lens is a 1954 model & still delivers superb results.


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Mike -


Almost. Can you clean up the focus with sharpening?


Haha! I just wanted to say: why would we actually want an M8.2 and Summiluxes with all the supersharpness fetisjism, this is fine!

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Stuart- Thanks, I didn't want to oversharpen & think I lost some detail in scanning.


why didn't you include all kids to this frame?? i feel they also posed for you.

if you want close up, maybe you should find ways to exclude the bodies of these kids in the back whose heads are not showing.


Thanks, I appreciate your point, however there was a lot going on and the other kids were looking the other way so I decided to crop them out, simple decision IMO. Only way to exclude the others would be a whole pile of cloning, & I don't like over-manipulating pictures.


Lotw & Ben- Thank you.

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