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Has anyone done a direct comparison of the various workflow options? Everyone has their own personal preference regarding film/digital/scanning/wet printing, but can a numerical comparison be made between these methods?


Something like:


Theoretical max res: l/p/mm or pixels (of lens),

Original capture res: l/p/mm or pixels (of film or sensor),

Original capture d-max,

Orginal Capture bit depth,

Original Capture contrast range,


Scan res: of various film scanners,

Scan d-max,

Scan bit depth,


Print res: of wet print and other printers,

Print d-max: of wet print and other printers,

Print contrast


I don't mean to reduce photography to a set of numbers (digital pun intended), but it might help some newer members work out a better workflow if they understand which link in their chain is weakest.


For me the ultimate is viewing KR25s that were shot with a quality lens on a quality projector. I'm also happy with scanned Tri-X printed on an ink-jet.

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