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Picked it u today

J. de Ridder

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Brand new factory sealed M8.2, black, filters, extra battery, Billingham bag, screen protector


Sped home, loaded the battery and realized I forgot to buy Memory card. The guy did mention it but I have roughly 30Gb of CF's at home, didn't realize it was SD. So no shooting tonight at the local X-Mas market which I had planned.


Got me to start reading the manual though ....

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I picked up SD cards today, the shops in my village had already closed when I found out.


About the screen protector, indeed saphire glass, but I stuck it on there anyway. I am now PP'ing 300+ images which I took this afternoon under different conditions.


I read earlier about ipdate prices, service levels etc. etc. All true, all very expensive and very difficult to justify even to oneself... but ehn holding the M8, feeling the cold metal casing, pressing the shutter ... wow it's all worth it, to me at least, it's like my hands are made to fit a leica :-)


I have this with Apple as well, my house is stuffed with apple stuff, don't really need it, but want to have it. And I am in a fortunate position to be able to purchase it all despite the financial crisis..... Crisis... what crisis?

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