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D-Lux 4 (Lense Cleaning)


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Hi All,


Recently, i realize that my D-Lux 4 lense are quite dusty and (some fingerprints). I've tried wiping them with this Scotch cloth and it seems to do the trick. As i'm aware some of the post here, there are special coating on this Leica camera lense, so i'm not sure my practice as mentioned would damage the lense. Can anyone advice on the best way to keep the lense clean and maintain the "Coatings" ?


Thanks All.



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Hi Mishima - I see that you don't have a reply yet. For the D-Lux lens what I would do is brush it with a lens brush with a puffer (to blow away any grains of sand etc that might scratch the lens with the next step, then 2) gently breath on the lens and polish gently with e.g. a lens or spectacles cloth. That should be enough to remove finger prints (which you should do as soon as possible, as there are substances there which eventually could damage the coating). If there is a resistant spot, then I would then use a cotton bud moistened slightly in isopropyl alcohol which will probably dissolve whatever it is but smear it over the lens, so I would then repeat step 2. If that doesn't work (very unlikely), take it to the Leica dealer and get advice.


I wouldn't advice breathing, for example, on a camera sensor, but if it is an external surface it should be designed in advance to deal with reasonable expectations about how people will attempt to clean them. Modern coatings are pretty resilient.

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