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Too Much for a rangefinder

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Actually is not that easy.


Detaxe or tax refund does not mean that all tax will be refunded. Currently, TVA rate of most goods is 19.6% in France, but tax refund rate is normally 12%.


France Guide: Official Website of French Tourist Office - Tax Free


I think this rate of 12% is the same in all EC. A friend of mine from Chile bought some goods in Spain and in the UK he could detaxe only 12% when he left the EU.


For more information about formalities, this is the French Customs Web Site:


Site internet de la Douane : Tax Free Shopping




You are probably both right, but in different cases:

1) If you travel in Europe, buy an item in an European shop with VAT, but take it out of Europe and get tax refund at the airport, ArtZ is right - you don't get the whole amount refunded.

2) If you order for export from a reputable dealer in Europe, and export directly out of Europe, no tax should be added, and you are left with the local tax/VAT rules of the country you import to, as jevidon correctly states.

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