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I wish I could afford a M8 like Marc, but I can't justify the expense right now. Unhappy as I am about not being to have what I want ---i.e., like a little kid--- it is sobering and good for me to remember to be thankful for my M5 and 50mm Summicron. Such a delight it is to use; to always learn something new, a different possibility; it is good to remember how exciting it is to get the film developed. I think I will always use film for B/W; the light is rendered in such subtle tones. Even excellent photographers like William have certain affection for the old M5.


In a few years, however, I can see wanting to get an old M8 for the sake of convenience. But just as Marc won't lose his M7 for his M8 now, so too will I not forgo my M5 when I snag an old M8.


thomas w

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Well as much as I'd like an M8, that will definitely have to be put off for a bit. Today's announcement by Apple Computer sealed that decision. I'll be buying two new computers - the new 15" Macbook Pros as soon as they're in the stores to replace the pair of 13" G4 Powerbooks that my wife and I use. The M6 will have to suffice for the near future. Somehow, I don't feel too deprived.


Wilfredo and Marc, those are both beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing them. Since the M6 is relatively new to me, it's encouraging to see what these sweet cameras and lenses are capable of. You both have great eyes BTW.

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Anthony and Thomas:


Here's something I posted on the digital section of this forum:


"I'll be keeping my M7. I had a chance to fondle the new M8 yesterday at Samy's in Santa Ana, California. Ebi was there demonstrating the new camera when I happened to walk in to pick up some B&W pictures shot with my M7. I have to say that the new M8 camera is very much an M camera (although the shutter is not a whisper) and is a very smart and simple camera which I liked. I took a few snaps and magnified the shots on the LCD and they seemed a bit noisy to me at the 300 something ISO in comparisn to my Canon 20D at 400 ISO. Sorry guys, in the end, I did not have a WOW experience so I'm glad to be staying the course for now and keeping the M7 and if prices keep dropping on the M7 as someone else mentioned on this forum, to below $1500.00, then I'll consider a second M7 (that's a lot cheaper than $4800.00) and no crop factor so no need for new lenses :-).


I'm really looking forward to reviews of actual pictures now that the firmware has been finalized. The camera I played with yesterday had the finalized firmware. According to Ebi, about 50 have been pre-sold already at Samy's."


After handling the camera I feel at peace with not making the move toward a purchase, not at $4800.00, it just was not wow enough. Some time in the future, perhaps I'll get a used M8, maybe :-)


Anthony, I'm glad you enjoyed the picture.




Benitez-Rivera Photography

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