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Velvia film

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I have been using Velvia 50 for several years but I understand that a new Velvia 100 is available. How does this compare to the Velvia 50 and which 100 speed film is the new one?

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Velvia 100 is branded as that, "Velvia 100". It's not the Velvia 100F.


It's not quite as saturated and "Velvia-ish" as 50, but very close, in my experience.


Have a look at the fujifilm web site, where they will have all the information.



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Guest darkstar2004

My experience has been that Velvia 100 is as good as Velvia 50 on all counts, with the exception that Velvia 50 capures subtle pastel colors - such as in a sunset or certain wildflowers - better than Velvia 100. This is Velvia 100's shortcoming, IMO.


On the positive side of the ledger, Velvia 100 is MUCH easier to shoot with when doing long exposures on a tripod. It also seems to be less contrasty than 50 in harsh light.


Velvia 50 has a very narrow exposure latitude as far as time exposures. Look at the difference:



Time Exposure comp.

1 sec. 0

4 sec. +1/3ev

8 sec. +1/2ev

16 sec. +2/3ev

32 sec. +1ev

64 sec. not recommended



Time Exposure comp.

1-60 sec. 0

2 min. +1/3ev

4 min. +1/2ev

8 min. +2/3ev


This info. is from Fuji's website.


Regarding Velvia 100F, it has the same exposure compensation requirements as Velvia 100. I have found 100F to be even more muted in pastel reproductions than 100. It is fine for shooting bold colors, but if you will be shooting delicate colors, Velvia 50 is the first choice. If you can't get 50, Velvia 100 (not 100F) would be the way to go.


Hope this helps!

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