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M8.2 Price: $6295 / £3990

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Not quite, Wilson, we know that Leica automatically and free of charge updates all M8 cameras that come in to the current standard electronically.




The problem is if you bought second hand (and not upgraded) you would not know if the chips had been changed over, or what generation they are. I assume Leica does not put a sticker underneath the bottom cover saying updated to 8-1.3 spec or something like that. There is one chip that on the 8C, has three generations. The original one that caused SDS, the improved one and the one that needed different firmware.



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£3990 is just totally absurd



The M8 is now a seriously outdated camera. Sure, no one expects Leica to keep up with the Nikon/Canons of this world but they surely have to pay homage to that market and freeze the price whilst they are playing catchup with the sensor (or keep price rises on the body minimal.... to think My M8 cost me £2500 !). At the very least, offer the old M8 at a greatly reduced price. I can just about get the logic in the glass pricing because I do believe Leica glass is special and unique, especially at 1.4. But there is NOTHING special about the M8 that warrants an extraordinary high price, quite the oposite, its an anachronism that M shooters are temporarily forced to hold onto and continue using.


£3990 buys you a 1ds mkiii plus a fair bit of change, or a D3 plus a LOT of change. And once all the photokina canon/nikon news is in I bet the comparisons will become even more embarrasing for leica. £3990 for a FF 16MP+, high noise M8 would be 'satisfactory' but for this 8.2, imo I feel a bit insulted.


I've invested quite seriously in Leica M for professional work. The rumoured Nikon RF could save the day if it is a genuine item, but other than that, I feel pretty angry about Leica's new direction (clearly not catering for pros and real photographers) and I will now seriously investigate a move to an H3d + japanese DSLR setup. At least the hasselblad lenses are affordable ! Sticking with the M system sooner or later I'm going to get left high and dry with old technology and silly 'Brad Pitt' prices.



The M8 is a seriously outdated camera? I wish I knew that before I shot with it this morning. I really love the images but, darn, I guess I'll toss them.

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