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Hey, I have both.


They complement each other as they do the same thing (take photographs!) differently.


I just love the images from the M8, especially when I set it for hyperfocal shooting on the street, see the image, then bring the camera up to capture what I've already seen. As this is my first RF, it's taken some getting used to, that RF way of composition.


I have the 5D with the Canon 24-70 f2.8 USM and the 70-200 f2.8 USM. Great for portraits and sport. Certainly not a take anywhere combination though - quite a bulk and weight. But a very different way of doing things to the M8.



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I have both, though I've been eyeing a D3 or D700 to replace the 5d...


I use the Canon 5d for the 70-200 when I need that reach (beyond the M8, mostly), plus I *love* the Canon 50 1.2L... a very nice "old fashioned" lens that is great regardless of who made it... and great by any standard, IMO. It's just a sweet lens for people!


M8 is for the wides, and up to 90 cron. But the 24 Elmarit and 28 cron, as well as my 35 Lux, are all brilliant lenses and brilliant with the M8. I just can't get over how good those lenses are on the M8.


"Special purpose" Leica lenses are great on both; the M8 has the Nocti and the 5d gets the 85 R lux, though the DMR is the best match in my books for any of the R lenses and particularly the fabulous 19R Elmarit...but sometimes it's just easier on the job to have the 5d for AF purposes and adapt the R lenses.


And for those wondering about CA and fringing on the Canon with the R lenses: doesn't exist in my experience. And the other reason to use the R glass with the Canon 5d is that the Canon glass--no matter how good it is otherwise--is very, very prone to flare. It's almost unusable in backlit circumstances, especially compared with its M or R counterparts... DxO doesn't fix that (yet


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