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Delkin charger - M8 (All posts merged)

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Got mine (finally) today. For some reason when it arrived in Vancovuer FEDEX decided to send it on a bit of trip to Aukland NZ before delivering it to me. Took a total of 8 working days but it could have been 5. I paid GST/PST a total of $18.08 no duty or brokerage fees. Delkin - picked-up the tab on shipping because of the side trip - their decision - as I suspect FEDEX refunded the cost of shipping back to them as well. A NICE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.


I am generally pleased. I can charge two M8 batteries and for that matter two different OEM batteries at the same time. It seems to me - to be somewhat faster charging the M8 batteries and I like the fact it tells me how much of a charge is remaining, etc.


Best to all. Terry.


Looking to open an old thread here. You said you are charging OEM batteries and that caught my interest. I have one from ebatteries off Amazon. The Leica charger only charges it so it show 1/4 charge in the M8.2 Does the OEM charger do a better job with OEM batteries?


What source do you use for OEM batteries?



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HI, in regard to charging after market batteries: my Leica charger would charge none of them, but the Delkin fully charges about half of those I have tried.


Another plus of the Delkin is that with the AA/AAA plate you can charge four (AA or AAA) batteries simultaneously. Each of the four batteries has separate indicators of charge completion. So, you can charge either two camera batteries or one camera battery and four flash batteries at the same time-useful. ron

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